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1What is the difference between a building designer and an architect?
As far as the service they can provide to the layperson, nothing! In reality, there are a few technical differences, with the main being the level of qualification and recognition. When it comes to comparing the two, only the level of competency of the individual should be considered.
2What Approvals do I need?
Planning Approval – your project will be assessed by council against their Development Plan to ensure it meets their planning criteria for that particular site, including their guidelines for impact by size and shape, style and general suitability.

Building Rules Consent – your building plans (Working Drawings), along with all necessary documentation (engineering, framing layouts, energy ratings etc) are assessed against relevant building codes to ensure compliance.

Development Approval – once planning approval and building rules consent are received, Development Approval is a mere formality whereby council acknowledges the above approvals have been obtained and grants permission to commence on site.

(Please note that for some estates such as Blackwood Park, Mawson Lakes, Lightsview etc, an "encumbrance approval" will need to be obtained prior to planning approval, to ensure your proposal meets their more specific planning requirements.)
3Who owns the copyright?
Girardi Design remain the owner of the copyright for any work (whole or in part) designed by Girardi Design. Permission is to use the design as a one-off for the intended purpose only, unless written permission is given.
4What will it cost to get plans for my project?
Girardi Design work solely on a charge per time basis, at respectable industry rates. As no two projects are the same and each job varies with regard to size, complexity and requirements, there are no fixed fees. Upon discussion about the proposed work, an estimate (based on previous experience) will be given and the client will be kept updated as the project progresses.